What do I need to do prior to the Pest Control treatment?


Access to room edges is necessary to spray along skirtings. Therefore clothing, magazines, toys etc. should be moved off the ground. All food items should be cleared from benches and table tops.


Will the spray stain my carpet?


No, the emulsion we spray does not stain. It's a water based residual spray that doesn't contain strong solvents which might affect colouring or finishes.


Will the spray affect humans?


No, it will not affect you. The chemicals we apply are registered to be used in hospitals, schools, and public places.


Will I see cockroaches, spiders or ants after the treatment?


Yes, it's possible that insects may wander in from outside. Chances are that they will have crossed treated areas and will die shortly after.


How often should I have a Pest Control treatment done?


Regularly, at intervals of no more than 12 months. Shorter periods may be recommended according to individual environmental conditions.


I'm planning to have my carpets cleaned. Will that affect the Pest Control treatment?


It's best to do the Pest Control treatment after carpets have been cleaned or vacuumed.


Are termites 'white ants'?

Yes, 'White ants' is just a common name given to termites.


Because I have black ants does that mean I won't get termites?


No, termites travel in sealed galleries or tunnels that do not enable black ants to enter. Termites and black ants are often found infesting the same house simultaneously


I have 'dirt' inside the house that reappears on my wall after I clean it. What should I do?


Leave it alone. This dirt may only be evidence of black ant or cockroach activity or it may be something more sinister, such as termites. Call our office immediately.


What should I expect after my spider treatment?


Spider control using pesticides is extremely difficult. Control is usually limited to only killing the spiders on the day of the treatment. Re-establishment of spiders may occur soon after a treatment particularly if the structure is surrounded by much vegetation.


If it rains after the treatment, will the treatment wash away?


External treatments cannot be applied during rainy weather. Surface treatments applied to the exterior of the home need 20 to 30 minutes drying time to be effective. Rain after this period will not render the treatment ineffective.


Do I have to empty the kitchen cupboards?


No, Dunn-Rite Pest Solutions use the latest formulations to control cockroach infestations. A gel can be applied throughout that will control even the most severe cockroach infestation.


How long is the treatment going to take?


The average three bedroom home will take approximately 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours to treat for general pests (webbing spiders, cockroaches, silverfish and black ants).



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