Syngenta was formed in 2000 by the merger of Novartis and Astra-Zeneca's agribusinesses.


Whilst we may be a relatively young company, we are proud of our rich scientific heritage. Our company’s roots stretch back beyond Novartis and Zeneca, beyond ICI, to chemical companies such as Geigy, Sandoz, and Ciba. We have over 250 years of world-changing scientific breakthroughs behind us.


Syngenta in Australia


Helping farmers in Australia produce better food through innovative crop solutions is our business.


Our two complementary divisions, Crop Protection and Seeds, work together to meet the needs of growers, wholesalers, retailers, food processors, and consumers to develop food and fibre to meet their exacting requirements.


We look at the entire needs of crop production, from developing seed with the characteristics required by the food chain through to ensuring a clean, high quality harvest. All of this is done with a strong focus on the need for agriculture to be sustainable.


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