Termite removal and pest controlTermites Termites belong it the order isopteran. They are often referred to as white ants; however they are not ants at all. There are thought to be somewhere around 300 species of termites in Australia, of which only 30 are considered to cause damage to homes.


The majority of termites forage around bush land and shrub, breaking down fallen trees, dead grass and debris and returning it to the earth.


Termites are roughly the size of a garden ant. They are usually a light brown to creamy white in colour. They have a thin cuticle, in which makes them prone to dehydration, therefore they are very rarely seen outside of their mud workings, soils or the timber they are attacking.


The exceptions to this rule are the alates (below). These are winged reproductive's that take flight to set up new colonies. They are often seen flighting in humid conditions, often towards the end of the year.


Termites live in colonies. There are several different castes, all of which have their specific duties.


Once the alates have taken flight, they look for a suitable place to make their nest. Of the hundreds to thousands that take flight, very few will survive to start a new colony.


If they survive and find a suitable nest they will shed their wings, become the new king and queen. They begin to produce eggs, which hatch into soldiers, workers and supplementary reproductive's (back up kings and queens).


Termite pest control removal macarthurThe workers job (above) is to forage for food and maintain the colony. The worker is responsible for feeding all of the other castes.


The soldiers (above) are responsible for protecting the colony.


Some will follow the workers as they forage, others will remain in the colony to protect it against predators.


Such predators include ants; however an established termite colony will easily defeat an ant invasion.


To remove a worker or soldier from its colony would cause it to die; therefore our native subterranean termites are difficult to accidentally transport Termites in and around your home.


Australian Standard codes advise that homes should be inspected for termites at least once a year.


Termite pest control campbelltownThis is not only to detect active termites, but also to detect conditions that may increase the likelihood of termites gaining entry to your home.


If you find termite activity in or around your home, it is important that you do not disturb them. Once disturbed, termites may quickly leave the area, and begin foraging elsewhere for food. Termites are frequently found in people's gardens, feeding on bark, mulch, trees and other debris. This by itself is not a cause for panic, however a professional should be contacted to determine the threat they may pose.


If you find termite activity in your home, you will require a termite management program. There are several methods available, and will vary depending on where the termites are found and the construction of your home.


If you find termites in your home remember:


Do not disturb them.

Contact Dunn-Rite Pest Solutions.

Don't feel pressured to accept a quotation, the termites won't do much damage in the few days that you make your decision.

Quality chemicals are expensive, beware of cheap quotations.


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