No more cockroaches

Thank you for your quick response, i was surprised to see so many cockroaches crawl out and die last time.

We have not seen a single roach since and it has been 8 months now. Look forward to our next treatment and thanks for reminding me.


Best Wishes


Anthony D | Leumeah



Small business and happy

We use the services of Dunn-Rite on a regular basis for our small business & we have been very happy with the professionalism and service offered. There's no doubt if you're looking for someone reliable and thorough, you'll be very pleased with Dunn-Rite. Highly recommended.

Alli G, Campbelltown



Quality and Value

We were advised by a friend to use Dunn-Rite Pest Solutions to treat our property. We used Dunn- Rite to do a Pest Treatment on our home and we were very impressed on the quality and value of the treatment. I would highly recommend this business to family and friends.

Tracey Burgess, Glenmore Park



Genuine Attitude and Honesty

In mid September 2010, my wife and I found out that we have termites in our home. We actually found them by accident which I have now been told that’s usually the way they are discovered. We needed new carpet and when the carpet guys pulled up the carpet they found termites.


Meanwhile we rang quite a few pest control companies for quotes. After the first two quotes that I received I was shocked at how expensive this was going to be and so far I was not happy with their quotes and the way they operated. Our third choice by sheer luck was Dunn-Rite Pest Solutions, operated and run by Craig. What a breath of fresh air it was to have Craig do our termite inspection after having to deal with the first two companies.


Craig actually enjoys his work and he will spend time with you and explain everything in detail and educate you about these nasty termites. Let's face it, you spend half your life paying your home off only to have these critters tear it down so you want to know everything you can about them and how to get rid of them (permanently).


Once Craig found the one lead under the house directly beneath the shower, he told me it will now be a process of elimination by drilling the trees out the front of our place and finding the nest. Craig successfully found the nest and it was an instant relief. I was really happy. Craig endeavoured to check inside our home and found that our shower was the cause of the problem because it was leaking and termites love wet and damp areas under the house.


I would just like to say that I will be hiring Dunn-Rite Pest Solutions in the future because of his genuine attitude and honesty towards his clients and as a bonus, his prices are more than reasonable.


Steve, Campbelltown



Prompt and Reliable

After purchasing a property, we engaged the services of Dunn Rite Pest Control. We found him to be prompt, professional and reliable. The knowledge displayed on the control of all types of pests was thorough and the service was friendly - and all at a reasonable price. We've already booked him in for our next annual check-up! I have already recommended Dunn Rite to friends, and will continue to do so.


Allan Clark, Camden



Professional Results

I had Dunn-Rite treat my personal property as well as my 2 rental properties in Sydney. With in minutes cockroaches were falling from the eves and dying. I found them professional and took the extra time to explain a prevention programme to me as well as my tennants.


The appointment times were kept and I have absoluty no hesitation in using them again and will be on a annual basis.


Glenn Evans, Bonnyrigg



Efficient and Thorough

For the 25 years I have been using Pest Control Services in the Campbelltown area Dunn Rite are the most reliable, efficient and thorough thus being the best value. I highly recommend this company and will use them again and again.


Lyn Davis, Minto





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